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“Cancel your appointment”


Explainer video

The Challenge

Most of us have skipped an appointment for one reason or another. Sometimes we are too busy or simply forget to let some know – “I can’t make it.”

Turns out that this is an important issue in the hospitals. Did you know that not cancelling your appointment results in wasting the time and expensive resources that otherwise could have been used to treat another patient?

Just a single call or a short email can help avoiding the trouble and pointless expenses, but how do we effectively remind patients of importance to take this simple action?

It is quite easy to get a little bit bored in the hospital waiting room, so playing a video there is an effective way to get the message across. But, in fact, waiting room videos do more than just help patients to pass the time – they can provide with various benefits that improve the overall experience and boost the patient level of satisfaction. Since important information is provided with a visual support, these small educational videos can help patients to better understand and remember it.

Your viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text format.


The Solution

In collaboration with Tune Nyborg (www.periskop.dk) we produced a short guidance video explaining patients the importance of canceling their appointments in advance. The video is text based, so it can be easily understood without sound.

Our guidance video improved the patient awareness, significantly increasing the number of times patients call, in case they aren’t able to make an appointment.