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Fremtiden med AURA


Animation video

The future with AURA Energi

Animation video is created in collaboration with AURA Energi – here we paint a picture of a more green, sustainable and connected vision of the future.

AURA Energi provide the greenest power and the fastest fiber network and many other benefits for you and the ones closest to you. Your energy provider makes sure your devices and vehicles are charged in the most sustainable way. Your smart home runs efficiently and environmentally friendly.

As you move around your day, AURA Energi make sure that everything is charged and connected, your transport and workplace adapts your daily rhythm. You can focus on the important things, while AURA Energi is there when you need assistance.

Animation video

We produced a bright and colourful animation in clean and simple style. To create an easy and effortless vibe, we used slow movements, closeups, slow zooming and panning transitions throughout the animation video.

To illustrate AURA Energi’ vision of the future, the animation follows the day of the main characters, focusing on a few of the many ways energy provider can ensure a more sustainable living.

The video can be used presentations, embed on websites and distributed through social media channels.

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