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Explainer video

Introducing Captego

If you are a leader or a manager in an industry where collecting data from visual inspections is extremely important, you might know the struggle of getting enough, high-quality inspection data from your team.

To fix this, Captego have created a quick and effective inspection tool that works like a simple camera. The resulting data allows you to get insights into areas such as performance, quality, compliance and many more. When needed, Captego can also produce elegant reports.

Behind the very simple camera app used on the inspection sites, lies a complicated inspection engine. To present their solution for potential users and stakeholders, Captego wanted to create a short animation video that can not only captivate the attention, but also highlight the main features of the product and demonstrate, how simple it is to use this tool.

Did you know that 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text?


The Solution

As a result, we created a bright and colourful animation video with a trendy feel. Animation highlights a few main features of the mobile application and explains how easy it is to learn and use Captego, because of our familiarity with simple camera apps. The video can be used on the company website, presentations and distributed through social media channels.

” For strong and to the point visual animations and explainer videos, I’ve chosen to work with Blinque studio on multiple occasions. I know the high quality of their work, and creativity that brings the initial scripts to whole new levels. All my previous collaboration with Blinque studio has been with my consulting clients – so there was no doubt in my mind, that my own startup, Captego, would also benefit from having this amazing team produce the video. Proved to be a safe bet, as expected. “

–  Mikkel Bo Schmidt, Captego