"Key features of iPaper platform"


Short explainer and demo videos

The Challenge

iPaper team wanted to create a few short videos that could effectively lay out the key benefits of their platform and tell what the company is all about. iPaper were aiming for a bright, “clean” and professional look, still maintaining a creative, positive and inviting vibe.

The Solution

While a product video is likely to be replaced by an updated version in the future, explainer video has the ability to provide a value for the years to come. In collaboration with iPaper we produced two explainer videos following the same design guidelines.

All three explainer videos are not only strategically placed on ipaper.io website, small fragments are used on social media as ads and sponsored posts – to capture the attention of the viewer and drive traffic to their website.

Did you know that embedding a relevant video on your landing page can boost your conversion rates by 86%?


Demo video

In addition to animated explainer videos we created a Demo video – an in depth walk-through, highlighting the main features of the platform. Here we used screenshots and screen recordings from the existing platform, to better familiarise viewer with the way system looks and works.