Når mennesker skal møtes


Animation video

Meet Proviso

Organising an event is exciting, but it can also sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. There are so many things you have to be on top of to make sure everything runs smoothly and your participants have a great experience – tickets, catering, venues, accommodations, communication with the participants, etc.

Proviso is an online service that makes planing, marketing and managing of events much easier and cost effective, ensuring the process is clear and simple for organisers as well as participants. To introduce Proviso event management platform, we produced this short animation video. Animation visualises the effortless user journey on the both ends of on the digital platform.

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Skip the voiceover

How often do you view video with a sound? With our viewing habits changing, silent and visually independent explainer videos become more and more popular – especially on mobile devices.

Why is that? Well, for different reasons. Social media platforms most often start auto-play in silent mode. Perhaps your viewer is in a location with a background noise or would rather watch the video muted or low volume to not disturb people around.

When producing an animation, with or without voiceover, we still have to keep this tendency in mind to make sure the video is equally interesting on mute and still manages to carry the message.

Did you know that content on LinkedIn designed for silent viewing is 70% more likely to be watched all the way through to the end.