The Ørsted Challenge


The Ørsted Challenge


Ørsted - Gamification Platform


Concept, UX Design & Development

The Challenge

Ørsted’s vision is to create a world that runs exclusively on green energy. The changing focus on renewable and sustainable energy required a change of identity, which clearly supported the new vision and values. Ørsted wanted to involve employees in this transformation and therefore chose to involve the little over 6,000 employees in Ørsted through the gaming platform “Ørsted Challenge” developed by Innovation Lab and Blinque Studio.

The Solution

Through the development of the “Ørsted Challenge”, Innovation Lab created a digital gamification platform with the purpose of informing and engaging employees in Ørsted about the change of name and identity in a different, fun and effective way. In the project, we – in collaboration with Ørsted – focused on asking questions that would create committed employees in the change from black to green energy.

By using psychological reward systems in game relationships, the employee is motivated to absorb knowledge faster and better than through traditional training courses or information campaigns. Through games, we become more engaged and motivated to perform tasks in the workplace, just as it helps learning and development – and at the same time, games enhance the social relationship in the workplace, according to a study by TalentLMS. Over the period that the game stretched, almost half of Ørsted’s over 6,000 employees participated, of which 93% were active throughout the gaming period. Over 68,000 questions were answered in the nearly 14,000 quizzes in total.