Universal Robots


Universal Robots


"Cobots" & "Academy"


Explainer video

The Challenge

A good product requires even greater marketing strategy. And that’s a story of Universal Robots. The brand lives through a massive international growth, where we, together with communication agency Gammelbys, helped to shape the picture of what a collaborative UR robot is and what it is used for.

We tried to break the myth that it is difficult to use robots and show what benefit it can bring not only to a large, but also medium sized company.

The Solution

Followed by an extensive communication strategy, we developed two part explainer videos presenting all you need to know about the robots and turning solid knowledge into simple-to-digest self explanatory animation videos.

Starting with Nordics, animations have been translated into 7 different languages and were seen by thousands of viewers. Relevant graphics were used for PR materials, continuing to spread the word and breaking myths of Universal Robots.